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Björkestaskolan was one of 6 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Klassbollen 2019. They participated with 19 teams in Årskurs 1, Årskurs 2, Årskurs 3, Årskurs 4, Årskurs 5 and Årskurs 6 respectively. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; Årskurs 2 Dream Team 2A won over Furuborgsskolan FBS by 7-0 but Årskurs 2 skolan 2C .

Björkestaskolan originates from Nykvarn, which is the same city as where Klassbollen takes place. The area around Nykvarn does also provide three additional clubs participating during Klassbollen 2019 (Turingeskolan, Vallaskolan and Furuborgsskolan).

86 games played


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